Vernieuwde online cursus Schepping en Evolutie met dr. Mart-Jan Paul

Waar komen we vandaan? Schiep God de aarde in zes letterlijke dagen of moeten we de Bijbel anders lezen? Logos Instituut biedt in het najaar van 2022, van september tot december, een vernieuwde cursus over Schepping en Evolutie aan. Voor iedereen die graag wil weten wat de kern van de discussie over dit thema is.

Meld u nu aan. Er is nog een aantal plaatsen vrij.
Aanmelden kan tot en met 30 juni 2022.


Aanmelden GRATIS nieuwsbrief




No again


D.J. Bolt



The GKN classis Noord of February 17, 2022 was eagerly anticipated. There, the request would again be raised to convene an extraordinary GKN synod to give further shape to the matter of unification of DKG and GKN. This is because the DGK synod Lutten also meets during this time so that matters can be discussed again and, if necessary, decisions are taken aimed at further steps towards unity.

The request was again discussed because the same GKN classis Noord had already refused to cooperate with such an early synod on 7 October last year. Reportedly, representatives of three of the five churches again voted against: Dalfsen-GKN, Hardenberg and Kampen.


The next GKN synod will not meet until the last quarter of 2023. It will be well over 2024 before the request to DGK to convene their synod has been made. The case of unification has thus been postponed for another two years.


Hope and comfort


The other classis, classis South, voted unanimously in favor! And we hear from pastors and others who have come over from the GKv in recent years, that they would also like to see both church federations become one.

That gives hope!

Perhaps our brothers in the Canadian Reformed Churches and Free Reformed Churches of Australia can help in one way or another.


We take comfort in the knowledge that it is not about us but about Christ's Church! For his church-gathering work in a world that is leaning towards the end, He will make it if it is His will!

So, we go on again, comforted!